Meet our teams

Meet our teams of experienced professionals

Research and Development

The development team is leaded by experienced Network engineers with knowledge in the core network protocols, embedded and front end technologies.

The essential part of the team is same since the company establishment.

We are proud that the company is capable to provide professional solutions at almost all levels of the application from the core to the business logic.

Quality Assurance

QA team is leaded by professional engineers experienced in testing of network protocol standards (IEEE, IETF, MEF, etc.), building and monitoring complex setups, hacking the net and automating its work in a smart way.

The team has more than 15 years experience following the principles of the Agile development and continuous integration practices.

Network Management

The team is experienced in the design and maintenance of wide range of network solutions from the core to the access areas.

Fully qualified to provide training materials, online and offline training and support in English.

Web Development

The Web Dev team have finished successfully many projects - from small web sites to complex web applications, that can optimize the automated parts of business processes.

Technical Documentation

The small very motivated team of technical writers is cable to deliver in a good understandable manner documentation in English for installation, deployment, configuration of hardware and software solutions. Installation guides and Application notes, Integration and API documentation for end users, and developers.

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