Category: Networking Author: Peter Zorovsky 0 Comments
Back in 80s, a lot of manufacturers worked on introduction of handheld PCs (or pocket PCs). These devices started their life with introduction of products like Psion's organizer (no touch screen, but considered as one of the first of its kind). Then ...
Category: Networking Author: Martin Ivanov 0 Comments
Spice has following benefits, compared to VNC as protocol to access the guest VM console. Copy & Paste of text and images between the guest and client machine Automatic adjustment of resolution when the client screen changes - e.g. ...
Category: Networking Author: Yanko Nikov 0 Comments
The main driving forces behind SD-WAN are cost-saving and improved WAN connectivity. Broadband circuits are cheaper than private MPLS WANs. Even though Internet circuits come with a risk of security and congestion issues, that are absent in private ...

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