Successful projects

Mina ltd. has very successful projects in the area of the Network solutions. In addition company invested in automation and infrastructure projects.

Network devices firmware

  • Access and demarcation devices implementing L2 functionalities as VLAN, ACL, QoS, QinQ, MSTP, OAM, G.8031, Y.1731, Y.1564, RFC 2544;
  • Routing switches with its main functionalities as OSPF, BGP, VRRP, etc.
  • MPLS capable PE and MTU devices.

Openstack/SDN solutions

  • Virtual CPE solution able to run on x86/ARM, based on DPDK
  • NVF OS based on Openstack/OVS-DPDK
  • SDN controller based on RYU

Network management system

  • Graphical presentation of the real topologies with network elements and links;
  • Multi domain aggregations on L2, L3 and MPLS levels;
  • Real time monitoring of more than 10k network elements;
  • One click end to end service provisioning with SLA profiles using optimal path computations over the network;
  • O&AM service monitoring - Y.1731 and RFC2544 reports;
  • Events handling, classification and administration;
  • Integration with 3rd party devices for monitoring;
  • Automatic backup and restore procedures;
  • User mail notifications for configurable critical events;

Testing automation

  • C++ based network simulations core with CLI and TCL interface;
  • TCL/Expect environment for testing the network functions and managing the virtual environment simulations;
  • Functional and system tests capable to test in depth various standard implementations;
  • The testing infrastructure is connected to the build management system and automatically runs and reports the results in the QA database for analysis.

Quality process tracking

  • Daily based by the QA team web based interface holding information for the test plans, automation executions and reports;
  • The test database currently holds more than 50k test cases in user friendly responsive way;
  • Multi product and release infrastructure capable to give quick summary and detailed status based on the reports. Currently the reports database is capable to hold millions of records.
  • Complete integration with the build management system and automation infrastructure.

Company inventory

  • Web based system managing the employee information for the company worldwide offices;
  • Inventory for the office equipment with status;
  • Organize stuff vacations, days-off and events;
  • Connectivity with the other management systems and control of the resources access;

Voice over IP infrastructure

  • Cost saving complete office VoIP infrastructure;
  • The company communication over the worldwide offices is handled by self managed SIP servers;

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