The company activities are covering the end to end new software product lifecycle according to the ISO 9001 definitions.

Business requirements analysis

Understand, analyse and document the customer requirements in a way that the software product will fully fit the needs.

This important part of whole process helps the customers to clarify its needs, to get knowledge of the best possible solutions and to predict the benefits of the required product in costs and savings.
The same time engineers get very clear picture of the customer view and expectations in documented way.

MINA ltd. has experience in the analysis and design of Network management and monitoring solutions in the scope of end to end services provisioning.

Software Architecture

Based on the customer requirements the software system architects are capable to select the best software technologies.

MINA ltd. has experience in research and design of Embedded systems, Networking, Management and Monitoring solutions;

The system architects team is capable to give state of the art innovative solutions including cost effective open source integrations.

As essential part of the compatibility with the industry standards and other vendors and organizations the architectures are usually build in a compliance with the most popular standards, like IEEE, IETF (RFC), ITU-T, MEF and other.

Every suggested architecture is well documented and in compliance with the quality standards including robustness, availability, scalability, compatibility and usability.


We are proud that the company is capable to provide professional solutions at almost all levels of the application from the core to the business logic.

Embedded solutions

  • Low-level programming (Assembler, C) for various CPU architectures - Microchip, Intel (x86, i960), PPC, ARM (Raspberry), MAC, Others;
  • Experience with Unix/Linux, Embedded Linux, eCOS, vxWorks and MS Windows based systems development using C, C++, Python, BASH, TCL and Perl;
  • Solutions based on top of ASIC/PP SDKs - Marvell and Broadcom;
  • Wide experience in debugging, troubleshooting, performance analysis, etc.

Networking solutions

  • Full L2/L3/MPLS stack development.
  • Routing protocols, xSTP, G.8032, IPv6, MPLS, BGP, etc.;
  • OA&M solutions, including RFC2544, ITU-T Y.1731, MEF 46 IEEE 802.1ag, etc.;
  • Voice over IP solutions including embedded software and Linux based SIP servers;
  • Management interfaces development including SSH, Netconf, SNMP, CLI, SOAP, REST and YANG;

Cloud and Virtualization solutions

  • OpenStack based deployments;
  • Extend and integrate NFV solutions - OVS/DPDK;
  • SDN development - OpenDaylight, RYU, other controllers and orchestrators;
  • WAN-optimizer and SD-WAN solution implementation;
  • DPDK based fast-path able to perform L2,L3 and OAM functions on wire speed;
  • KVM/QEMU based virtualization;

Network management and monitoring solutions

  • Java Enterprise development using Spring;
  • SQL and noSQL database management systems;
  • REST and SOAP based web services;
  • Modular systems using JMS, Active and Rabbit Message Queue;
  • Visualization and monitoring of large topologies using graphs;
  • Network elements (devices and PCs) management and monitoring using interfaces like: CLI, SNMP, NetConf and REST;
  • End to end service provisioning with SLA profiles;
  • Path computation using SPF algorithms with path cost;

Development process solutions

  • Web based Q&A systems giving ability to track the requirements, builds, tests cases and result in parallel releases environment.
  • Process management tools integration and customization - IBM Synergy and Change, Redmine, GIT, Mercurial;
  • Build management - TeamCity, Jenkins, Maven;

Quality assurance

The QA team has more than 15 years of experience in testing complex solutions from embedded software to end user management solutions.

The quality lifecycle follows principles of the Agile development and continuous integration practices.

Depending of the scope of the tested area different techniques are used like, white-box and black-box testing, equivalence partitioning, availability, scalability, performance, etc.
Over the years team succeeded to develop its own test database and automation infrastructure that is capable to manage multi product/release with millions of records.
The automation testing stack includes various L2/L3/MPLS and O&AM features.

Technical documentation

Complete set of the technical documentation supporting software and hardware products in English.

Installation guides and Application notes, Integration and API documentation for end users, and developers.

Technical support

Experience in the design and maintenance of wide range of network solutions from the core to the access areas.

Fully qualified to provide training materials, online and offline training and support in English.

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